Thursday, August 26, 2004

Perils of Mommyhood

Babydactyl has decided that 5am is the best time for waking up. Isn't she an angel? So I am able to sit for an hour having my coffee and checking my email before getting ready for work. Very thoughtful of her, I thought.

Gus-gus and Twiddlebug like to make sure not to miss anything that goes on at night. Bedtime at 8pm really exists only in theory in this house. They might be in bed, but it doesn't mean they're going to sleep in there. Oh, no. And miss all the fun?

Gus-gus is three and likes to pretend he's an orangutan. In fact, I think he's PART orangutan. He has an amazing ability to scale up just about anything. I think he's either gong to be an acrobat or a spelunker. Twiddlebug simply instigates and offers new and exciting ideas.

It started off innocently enough. The little (ahem) angels were in their beds, reading quietly to themselves. Too quietly. I was on the phone with my mommy's-going-crazy-and-I-need-someone-to-talk-to-NOW friend, Cheryl. (we share stories of disaster from our respective households). Then the giggling started. That's never a good sign. I called upstairs a couple of times with the usual warning, "It's quiet-time, please settle down." As if I expect it to work eventually....

After a few minutes, I heard some loud thumps and louder giggling. Situation becoming critical. Time for stronger action. The dreaded I'm-going-to-count-to-three-so-you'd-better-listen. I'm hoping that one works eventually. Got very quiet for a couple of minutes. I was almost beginning to think things were going to be peaceful. Jumping to conclusions is a bad idea, ladies and gentlemen.

As Cheryl and I got back to our conversation, the screaming began. Bone-chilling screams of "MOMMY!!! OWWWIIEEE!!!" This was definitely a bad sign. I ran up the steps and into their bedroom to find Gus-gus halfway up the outside of his headboard, which has rails and is about four feet tall. His leg was lodged above the knee through the rails and he was stuck in mid-air. I dislodged the leg and put my little ape back to bed, consoling him. He wants to be Spiderman. I think the spiderweb malfunctioned, or something.

Twiddlebug starts school soon, but Gus-gus has a couple of years. I hope we both survive that long.

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