Saturday, May 07, 2011

Cookin' Up More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys

Do monkeys cook ... ? And in barrels?! Talented little buggers, aren't they!

No, this is a different kind of cooking Monkey. My lovely friend Crystle
Didn't I say she is lovely? 
(who also happens to have Tumblr with yummy recipes) is the administrator of a fun little group called Monkey Witch Kitchen, a wonderful fantasy land of delectable edibles.

Each month, Monkey Witch Kitchen is hosting a special cooking challenge for it's members. Don't be intimidated by the concept, it's actually quite simple: Create a dish based on the month's theme (this month is chicken), then post a photo of your dish to the group. At the end of the month a winner is chosen at random for a great prize! The prize package for May is an assortment of barbecue fun!

Each monthly challenge is a little different. Here are some of the past winners of Monkey Witch Kitchen Monthly Challenges:

January's Monkey Witch Kitchen Chocolate Challenge winner was Janna Grubbs Derry
Decadent Chocolate Torte

Janna's prize was this fabulous package - can you say amazing?  I'm jealous!
I love the special attention to detail Crystle puts into these prizes.

Here is the winning creation for February's Potato Challenge, won by Erin Neu
Potatoes fried in coconut oil with cumin and mustard seeds

Lucky Erin received this awesome prize box for her yummy potato creation
Simply lovely!

In addition to the monthly challenges, Monkey Witch Kitchen also holds weekly Grab Bag Challenges. All you have to do is to "like" the group's Facebook post in which the challenge is announced, and that's it - you're entered! See this link for a list of the great prizes people have won in the past!

I strongly encourage you to head on over to Monkey Witch Kitchen and get involved in the fun!

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ashley @ divorced at 20 said...

Can I just tell you I have been dying to cook lately, and try new things... I love this!

chanemza said...

Oh, gosh - ANYTIME you want ideas or to trade recipes, you let me know, girl!

LOVE your blog, kiddo. You'll be ok. KEEP that faith. DOn't let go of it. Mine has wavered sometimes after my failings (as you'd see upon perusal of the blog), but God is the only thing that truly holds us together and keeps us going through it all.

You're in my prayers.

Jessi said...

That torte looks too good!