Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busting Writers' Block: My Morning Exercise in Futility

I've spent the past couple of hours trying to come up with a subject for an article.  I'm 99% positive there are about a hundred things I could write about, but for some reason when I attempt to put words to the page the descriptive words necessary to relate these ideas go up in smoke.  I'm able to think up the idea and why it's worth writing about, I just can't figure out how to explain it to an audience.

This sort of thing has been happening for quite some time.  It's more than likely the result of the umpteen stresses tornadoing through my life at any given time.  Stress kills.  Stress kills creativity.  

Stress can bite me.

I decided to get happy.  Happy is a solution to stress.  Music makes me happy.  The radio isn't playing anything to inspire creativity.  Let's try Pandora.  Listen, peeps:  When even Pandora refuses to play more than one motivating song there's a conspiracy afoot.  

Next, I decided to procrastinate productively:  I searched Facebook for something inspiring.  Unfortunately, this led to what it always does.  The Facebook Zone-Out.  Obviously not the best idea (ya think?!).

So here we are, laughing in the face of the word-block demons with wordy attempt to destroy them.  

My next feat of incredible awesomeness will be to go sit on the porch with my coffee to try to clear my head.  You're welcome to join me.  I need cooperative ideas.

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Anonymous said...

How about writing an article on procrastination?