Thursday, July 11, 2013


Oh, dear blog, it's been so very long since we've talked.  So much has happened these past several years since I threw you so callously to the wayside.  Yes, I have missed you, really I have.  It's just that somewhere along the way I forgot how to carry my voice through you.  I forgot how good it felt to bleed the passion in my heart into the words on your pages.  I let life get in the way, and the fears creep in and take over that part of me you once held.  I let the cobwebs cover your corners while I allowed my passion to die a slow, quiet death. 

For so long I didn't see the error of my ways.  I allowed myself to think you were a silly passing phase, and that my passion for writing at all was just one of the ghosts of my past.  I gave up on giving my thoughts a voice.  Instead, my thoughts became tiny blips, miniature social networking posts which barely drew the bat of another's eyes. I allowed the pain in my life to become my sole focus. 

I did some positive things.  I went back to school, where I earned Honors recognition, learned new skills and honed some skills I'd let get rusty.  I conquered the dreaded speech class, and even learned I loved it - as long as what I spoke about was one of my passions.

I'd forgotten what living passionately felt like.  I'd forgotten the joy I once found in words and in spilling my overflowing thoughts onto the page. 

I want you to know, dear blog, that I have rediscovered my passion for you once again.  I've reclaimed the intensity of my love for writing and for the words that pour from my overflowing mind onto the page, baring my heart to you. 

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letti said...

that sounds so fabulous. You can do it! :)

letti said...

that sounds fabulous! All the best!