Tuesday, July 16, 2013


An author I follow recently posted an invitation to embark on an adventure.  No other explanation was given, except to say that the post would be removed within 24 hours.  Intrigued, I answered the call.  It turned out to be more of a challenge than an invitation.  

Jon Acuff, author of Start, was answered by just over two thousand willing adventurers.  I am one of them.  The Start Experiment community is endeavoring to get up and live their dreams fully, instead of waiting for the ever elusive "someday."  Big dreams do not come knocking at your door and lie willing at your feet, you must chase after them with all the fire in your soul and launch them into realization.  The idea is to fight your fears.

One dream I've had for as long as I can remember is to write.  I've placed it on the back-burner for a long time, telling myself I'd never be good enough to make a real living at it.  Eventually, the dream faded and my writing did the same.  A couple of freelance projects here, a few started and eventually abandoned blogs there.  I did some weeding out, figured out which ones I'd like to keep going, and am refocusing my creative energies into those.

I love to help, and have a dream to that end, as well.  I love to do whatever I can for others, because it feels good to be a catalyst in whatever good I can.  It's cathartic and meaningful.  With the encouragement of my new-found community of Starters, I came up with a proposal for a peer mentoring program which was well-received when I presented it, and plans to make it a reality are in the works. I was even asked to lead the project, which was exactly what I was hoping for!

I've also got one of those dreams that's going to take a little longer to realize, and a lot more work.  I've always wanted a little hobby farm.  I'm infatuated with barns and fields.  I want the old farmhouse, surrounded by trees and with a tire swing.  I want a barn with a loft.  More than all of this, though, I want it to be a way to help.  A sort of retreat with the purpose of helping others to become self-sufficient.

In any case, two of the three goals are already on the way to becoming a reality.  This gives me hope for the third.  

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YAY US! Hope you feel better~