Thursday, September 23, 2010

You just never know where your inspiration will come from

You know when you hit one of those points in your life when you desperately need some inspiration, encouragement and a good kick in the butt to prevent you from throwing in the towel and believing all the lies? Yep, one of those.

So this morning I wake up, do the morning rush with the kids, panic over the things we forgot to do, hurry them onto the bus, and then come inside and collapse in front of my email with my cup of coffee before beginning my college coursework for the day. Skim through the junk mail a little. Find a post from a very old and dear friend who's had a rough ride of his own, and he asks me if we're safe and doing alright. That'd be my dose of inspiration.

The encouragement and kick in the butt part came while surfing through facebook to see a video posted by a friend of a friend. Now this friend is an inspiration all on her own: Melissa was introduced to me by another butt-kicking friend (Shelle) who's always kicked me into gear and had my back, and Melissa just finished producing a movie which was recently picked up by Lion's Gate. The trailer alone gave me serious goosebumps, and believe me when I tell you there will be more coming on that in future posts. It's truly incredible.

Anyway, Melissa had "liked" a video posted by one of her friends. This video happened to be of a song that, at a time when my life was crumbling in a most devastating way, when I had lost all hope and faith in myself and everything else, brought me back to life and helped to give me the courage to realize I was not a lost cause. And that I was not alone. I am not alone. It may surprise you to learn who around you has been right where you are.

When I clicked on the video, it went to the page of Melissa's friend. Who knows the singer. Who has a blog. This is where the kick in the pants comes in: She's been there. She was just like me. She was the kid who was picked on and eased and lied to and hurt and emotionally destroyed by everyone around her. She was the girl who destroyed herself to appease the liars and thieves of self-respect. She was the girl who dug that hole and tried to hide in it and allowed others to drag her in deeper. But she is also the woman who has fought her way out despite those who would laugh in her face.

Thank you, my incredible, loving, beautiful friends for giving me back my strength today.

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