Sunday, August 22, 2004

With broken wings

The politics of dating for someone who's been out of the "loop" for a while are frustrating at best. It 's not just that people act completely stupid when there's some sort of attraction. There's also a very fine line between being attracted and no fireworks at all. Anything in the beginning stages can swing the pendulum in either direction. And with very little notice.

Two people see each other across a crowded room and there's a definite spark. It's pretty exciting for a few days. They go on a couple of dates and can barely handle the rush of hormones. Then one fateful day, one of them realizes that my God, this might actually lead to something.... And as they head quickly and quietly down the back alley, the other person is left to wonder what the hell happened.

It never really matters what sweet nothings are whispered those first few times together. Most of it is uttered with perfectly good intentions, but very little of it actually has any depth. And it doesn't matter how beautiful or sincere it sounds at all.

So whatever happened to letting fate take it's course? What's so scary about having the opportunity to share life's adventures with someone else? Getting hurt's going to happen if you trip over a bump in the sidewalk right outside your own front door. It certainly doesn't mean you should lock yourself in your room.

For all the negative aspects of having your heart ripped out and stomped all over, the positive aspects far outweigh them: talking, laughing, private jokes just between the two of you, watching movies in the dark, teasing each other relentlessly... and think of all the dirty little things that are not appropriate for this forum. Why shove all of that under the rug just because your heart's a little scarred?

Brush off your dusty superman cape and take a dive off that tall building... Sooner or later, most of us learn to fly. Sure it's scary to take that leap. But wouldn't it be better to keep trying until maybe, just maybe, one day you soar safely into the arms of an angel who's been waiting for you?

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