Thursday, January 20, 2005

Friendship and other little mishaps

When conversations are inadvertently overheard and misconstrued, it can cause unbelievable upset among even the best of friends. Simple words or actions are taken out of context and blown completely out of proportion.

The resulting conflict creates walls between people who should know each other better than to assume the worst. But we all do it. No-one is immune to misunderstandings. The best of us are drawn in to the worst of situations completely unaware of the underlying truths.

Sometimes these misunderstandings become the things we later joke about. Silly things we all should have known better than to fuss over.

To add insult to injury, it's even easier to confuse issues when one's own mind is preoccupied with personal issues caused by the misunderstandings of another in an entirely different scenario. At that point, everyone is subject to mistrust.

I'm going through one of the worst, most incredibly painful parental situations imaginable. Even the elite few who are aware of this have come under my scrutiny at one time or another. Trust is a rare commodity. Even when it's earned, it's a very fragile thing.

One thing to always remember is the value of friendship. Don't let accidents or misunderstandings get in the way of a valuable relationship.

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Anonymous said...

So VERY well said. That's a hard lesson to learn, no doubt. Too often one is stuck contemplating the 'would have', 'could have' and 'should have's'.