Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What is with the freaking perverts???

Good Lord! I check my comments and find some prick leaves a nasty comment (by the way, "Jeff", think you might want to increase that med dosage a bit? You might want to bring that up at your next psych appointment.)

For any of you who aren't aware, I'm a Christian - albeit with a slight attitude, but still... I'm completely uninterested and could care less about your happy little anti-social geek dreams of porn stars and pay-per-view, k? Good. Now go piddle elsewhere with your lil' neon devil-shaped overly-decked-out puter, hun. And by the way: I have your IP address. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm also outrageously busy. I realize that there are those of you (via email, comments, tags, etc.) who have been more than a little patient in awaiting responses. I apologize... It's been crazy here.

I'm doing better than I was a couple of weeks ago. A lot has turned around. I have more allies than I realized. Those of you who have been there are very much appreciated - more than you're probably aware. Regardless of your involvement in all the recent chaos, I truly am grateful to have you in my life.

The little ones are doing well and are being so brave for their young ages. I'm truly blessed.

For those of you "out of the loop", remember this: No matter how low you get, no matter how bad it seems, the door is never really closed. There's always hope. Never let anyone tell you there's no hope. If you have enough faith - in yourself, in a higher power, in fate or destiny or whatever - you can accomplish whatever is in front of you. I know. I've already done the impossible. And more than once.

Today's a busy day, as well. I had a 10:15 appointment and ended up waiting until 11:20 ("A", could we maybe see about some free coffee in that waiting area?). Taking a quick break, and then I've got to throw in some laundry and get dinner going. Peach ham with red potatoes and baby carrots, yum! I also have chocolate cake with cocoa-cream cheese frosting for dessert with the kiddies. Sorry to say I've eaten most of it... Oops! Hehehe.

Gotta pick up Twiddlebug from school in a few hours and then have friends visiting after dinner. That new washing machine has really fueled my popularity!

I'll be back in later for that big contest in BC tonight. You know, since my evenings are so happening and wild and all... *sigh* Ahhh, the good life (snicker).


letti said...

sorry to hear about the jerko comment...*sigh* we still love you lots :)


Jabberwocky said...

Hang in there. BTW...I'm sure you meant you "couldn't" care less, right?...LMAO! (Mr.Monk)

Saint Nate said...

Don't let anonymous jerks get to you ... or you'll find yoruself living a situation like this one:


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