Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Plugs to the people!

This isn't something I've done to any great extent (ok, like once. Bite me.), but lucky you, I'm gonna start. There are just too many awesome blogs out there, and I've come in blog-contact with too many really cool bloggers I'd consider friends (even if only of the virtual kind).

So here goes: My mini review of a few (not all, I'll get to more later) blogs I love in no particular order:

First up is Tommy from Almost Average. Now this stuff is funny. And be sure to check out my personal favorite, the monkeys - no, not the group.

You'll also have to check out Does this Mean I'm A Grown-up? This one is definitely not your average Mommy blog. But if you do have kids, you'll definitely be able to relate.

Andrena from Heavenly Ankh is a great person. She does a lot to support real causes, and is also ordained! Plus, she's probably po'd at me for lapsing in my buddy-duties, so I gotta send her out a plug, just outta love, you know... Ahem.

Letti over at My Adventures in the US of A is one of my favorite places to read. She's from Malaysia and living in Texas. Talk about culture shock! Besides, she has some terrific recipes. Thank God for high metabolisms... I love my love affair with food.

On a more serious note, Please do check out No One's Child. Jeni is an amazing writer, and possibly soon in the process of a book deal. This is pretty heavy stuff dealing with child abuse issues, but it's very worth the read. If you haven't experienced this type of thing, you're lucky. If there were more awareness and education about the subject, more children might be saved from it. Jeni also has a personal blog, which is also worth checking out!

I'll be doing this quickie marathon blog-plugging thing again soon, but I think you have enough reading material to last you for a little while!


letti said...

aww..you are such a sweetie..i have to muster up more recipes now..Hehehe :)

Kim said...

ooooh, I agree with your pics, one of which I hadn't seen before (thank you for the info). I love your blog design btw.