Thursday, June 09, 2005

Meme! (Nope, I'm not singing. It's a questionnaire, silly!)

You know the drill, boys and girls: Copy and paste the questions into your own site and insert your answers.

Meme courtesy of TheQueen.

Ten years ago:
I was 24,
I had one beautiful almost-three-year-old boy and
I was pregnant with my second child.

Five years ago:
I was 29,
My boys were 7 and 4 and my daughter was 1,
I was teaching preschool,
I was going to school for the same,
I had no idea how much my life was about to change - or how my faith and strength would be tested.

I went to physical therapy and got praise for doin' good, yay me!
I was still walking on clouds over the big account I landed (a MALL),
I began planning stages for two fibromyalgia benefits: One this summer and one next spring.

I wouldn't trade my five kids for the world and am grateful to have my fiance and his three children in my life!
I haven't had my first cuppa COFFEE you slave-drivers,
I'm going to post more than you'll ever care to know (later, and over the next few days),
I plan to stalk, case out, and further stake out a house I really, really, really wanna buy!

Five snacks I like:
coffee (yes, it qualifies - because I said so!),
Ice cream (Starbucks coffee chocolate ice cream is an orgasm in a box!)
Cheese (any kind, I just love it).

Five songs I know all the music to without the music:
pretty much anything I've heard and I don't wanna pick five, 'cause I need coffee. So there.

Five things I would do with 100 million smackaroos:
Own my own home.
Ensure the lives of my kids and close family and friends would be comfortable.
Start my foundation for special-needs and low-income families (which I WILL do anyway).
Give back to all those who got me through.
Visit Ireland and track my ancestry through travel.

Five places I would love to run away to:
Devils' Hopyard in Connecticut,
Any small, quiet New England shore,
Provencal France,
Back to bed.

Five bad habits I have:
I'm stubborn.
I try to fix everything for everyone else.
I keep things in until I blow up...

Things I like doing:
Drinking coffee,

Things I would never wear:
Oh, come on... gimme a break.
I'm sexy in EVERYTHING!


Shows I like:
The news,
Queer eye (gay guys rock!),

Movies I like:
City of Angels,
Good Fellas,
Coyote Ugly,
Sleeping Beauty (the Disney one).

Famous people I would like to meet:
Robert Smith (the cure)
Bebo Norman,
Jennifer Knapp,
Nicholas Cage,
Angelina Jolie.

Biggest joys at the moment:
My children,
My fiance and his family,
working in a company I share with my future husband, doing something I never knew I could and being good at it.

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Kim said...

I loved your answers! I'll bet you do look damn sexy in everything you wear... And I like City of Angels too.