Friday, August 12, 2005

American Idiots

Did you ever look at certain professions and incredulously wonder why the hell someone would get paid to do that? This would be one of those times, people. And it's particularly pathetic in this instance. The mainstream media has done it again.

If anyone in the mainstream media would stop for a blessed second to think about why the general public might be leaning more and more toward the blogging community for their news coverage, they might gain some insight as to why: We in bloggerville have a tendency toward the truth and could give a rats ass about our "ratings".

Lets use this latest report from the Washington Post as an example of good, honest reporting versus, say the usual bullshit we're subjected to. While good ol' Greta Van Susteren is in Aruba taking pictures of freaking kittens, reporter Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post has finally called his peers to the table in addressing this most recent of ridiculous deductions of the mainstream media.

Apparently the cable news media, in all their brilliant glory, have taken to a little CYA (Cover Your Ass) over the recent controversy over ratings for "damsels in distress" versus fair and adequate coverage of all pertinent stories, such as the disappearance of Latoyia Figueroa. As Mr. Robinson reports:

"...Fellow passengers on the Damsels bandwagon -- CNN, MSNBC, and, to a lesser extent, the broadcast networks and the major newspapers -- are so eager to display their high-minded earnestness that they've been running stories about "the phenomenon" of missing-white-woman coverage. They act as if said coverage were a natural disaster, like an earthquake or a tornado, rather than a series of deliberate decisions made by executive producers and editors in chief."

To the numbnuts cable reporters: Get a grip, guys. What the average cable viewer with higher than a sixth-grade education really wants is some decent NEWS for a change.

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Irish John said...

Cable news is like all news, they are in it for the money. It's a business, and they have to sell a product. That is what they do. If people would watch, it would be on the news. They look at what will sell, and they put it on.
If people weren't watching all the stuff in Aruba, they wouldn't have it.