Friday, August 19, 2005

Three Wishes

I just sent a letter to the producers of the new NBC show "Three Wishes":

My letter to Three Wishes:

I'm a mother to five children and would like help in creating a special foundation to help those who have been through circumstances similar to mine. I want to make sure that others have help in finding resources to get them through difficult situations.

Over the last five years I was misdiagnosed as having bipolar. I was prescribed very high dosages of several medications which not only didn't seem to help, but caused lethargy, forgetfulness and many other symptoms. Most days, I couldn't have told you right from left. As time progressed, it became increasingly difficult for me to take care of myself, let alone the four children I cared for on my own. I had no idea where to turn, and my children were eventually removed from my care, and I spent five months in a homeless shelter, where my fifth child, Grace, was born.

I was used as a success story at the shelter. My infant daughter was the namesake and model for the shelter's Project saving Grace ( My children in foster care were returned, and we've made significant progress. I'm engaged and we're working toward financing a home.

It is my life's dream to start a non-profit foundation for people who might be going through similar situations. I've thought of every detail, down to the kind of stationary I would like it to have and the theme songs, even who I'd like to sing them for commercials. In my heart I know that there is a need for such a thing, and I want to do everything possible to see this foundation become a reality.

I want to provide corporate-sponsored funding for people who need childcare assistance, but don't qualify for other types of assistance through their local governments, such as for finding work (agencies require that you have a job in order to receive aid), which would be called "A Little Dream". I would offer two weeks of funding: One for putting in applications and one for going to interviews. Flexibility would be on a case by case basis.

I would like to offer volunteer doulas' services for those who are going through pregnancy alone and couldn't otherwise afford one, or even for those just going through difficult pregnancies, which will be called "Bless The Child". People should never have to be in a situation where they have no-one to share those first kicks with, or to give birth with no person close to them there, or have to face a potentially at-risk pregnancy alone. I want to provide a volunteer doula service in which a doula would create a personal relationship with the woman from early on in the pregnancy through post-natal care and those first couple of months.

I also want to have a mentoring service for people whose children have been removed by the "system" and help them to gain the skills to do what they need to for the return of their children and the reunification of their families. I want to help them to find necessary resources and would be a sort of accountability "sponsor". I would help them to stay on track with what they need to do and are there if someone simply needs a shoulder or to talk. This one would be named "Song Without Rainbows".

I can do this because I have been there and know what it's like and how to get through it. People who haven't been through these things have no idea of a need for these services. A high percentage of the people who have gone through it simply give up. I want to increase their odds for success.

I understand that this might be a situation your organization might be hestiant to undertake, but it's so very important to so many. Please think about it.

Director of Marketing & Promotions,
WI ( )

Ok, i know this might sound silly, but it's so important to me to do this, you have no idea. If I do one good thing with my life, I want it to be this.

I forgot to mention in the letter about my diagnosis. The bipolar diagnosis was removed after three years on several medications, and I was medication free for quite awhile. My rediagnosis is fibromyalgia, an intercranial venous angioma and migraines.


Queen of Ass said...

Got your IM, girl. I'd be happy to write to them!

rose/helena said...

wow, good luck sweetie!

matlockpchef said...

Wow you have been through a lot and I wish you the best of luck with getting your foundation started. I haven't been in your situation but if I ever was I would hope that there would be resources out there to help me get through it so I wouldn't give up. Thank you so much for taking something like this on yourself. I will be praying for you.

sandegaye said...

Excellent goals! My thoughts & prayers are w/ you.
Can't wait for it to happen for you!

Ari Tem White Wolf said...

in our non utopian world, it seems we must fight for every little thing that means so much to us.

why can't folk just leave each other alone, and stop messing with others lives.

I had a friend whose divorce got very nasty, her husband had the money, she lost custody of them, I wrote a song for them, "so when your sitting by the window wondering what, your babies are doing, their sitting by the window, wondering what mama's doing"

goodei luck kiddo

Dana said...

Very nice letter. I liked it. It is very inspirational. I hope you achieve your dreams.

Dana (myzelle)

Sandi said...

The producers of this show would be insane not to seriously consider helping you start your foundation.

Good luck.

letti said...

of course it's important!!! you are so brave and have such discipline and determination, it really is a true inspiration. Let us know if the network has good news!!! Shame on them if they don't :)

Heidi said...

best wishes for this endeavor, shanna! I admire your goal and the passion with which you are pursuing it! My thoughts are with you...