Friday, September 02, 2005

I've had enough of the ignorance

Enough, people! Talk of people doing drugs as the water is rising around them. Not news reports, rumors around the web. Listen up, idiots: Where in the hell do you think these people are going to get drugs (or a dry freaking lighter) when they can't even find food or clean water? What is wrong with you people? Grow up.

I'm reading bullshit about how all these people CHOSE to stay. Where are your heads?? NOT all these people chose to stay, you morons! Many of these people are infants, children, elderly, ill or even pregnant. MOST of them are poor. Do any of you out there have ANY common sense??

Reports most of the refugees had no shoes when they were rescued. The LEAST of these people's woes are having no shoes, for heaven's sake. SHOES?!? NEWSFLASH: They have water up to their necks! What good are shoes?

Oh, and the looting. Yes, those awful, terrible criminals... Oh, please. Shut up! If you were trapped in an area surrounded by filthy, stinking water full of floating dead animals and the corpses of your neighbors in high humid temperatures, your children hadn't had food in two to four days, let alone a dry diaper (imagine the skin rashes of the infants - and the illnesses!) and everything you have ever owned in your life was gone forever and you had NO IDEA when help was coming because there is NO communication and NO phone service, you tell me: are you going to sit there on your pretty little behind and think, "Golly, I'm sure glad nobody's knocking over the Walmart down the block." HELL NO! That shit's getting plowed down as soon as the cleanup crews get in there.

Listen, dumbasses, I'm not condoning the teenaged hoodlums taking tv's and stereos. But what the hell is Walmart going to do? Wait for the waters to go down and have an "After Flood Sale"??? Get over it! Most of these people took FOOD, DIAPERS, NECESSITIES!

No, I do NOT agree with looting. But why the hell didn't the authorities go into those stores and HAND OUT the food and things people needed while they're sitting there trapped and dying? And why shouldn't they do all they can to feed their children? Don't you DARE tell me you would sit back and watch them cry in the throes of hunger pangs. You'd be LIARS.

And politics of it all? Shut the hell up! Get over the politics. People are dying! CHILDREN are DYING.

Say what you want, but my father is STILL down there and now ALL communication has been cut off to his area. I will NOT sit back and watch a bunch of pathetic couch potatoes judge those people with utterly ridiculous ideas. NONSENSE.

If you want to piss and moan about the way New Orleans is dealing with it, get YOUR ass down there and help, jerk.

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