Thursday, September 01, 2005

Listen up!

I want you to get up out of that chair. Go on, because you no longer have a job. And that nice business-casual outfit you got full price got muddy water splashed on it, but too bad: It's all you have in the closet. Matter of fact, you don't even have a closet.

Look around you. Everything you see is no longer there. Hungry? Sorry, there's no food around for miles. Oh, and don't bother calling the police. There aren't any phones. The police officers are in the same postion as you are, anyway.

Think about it. What would you do? have you eaten in the last three days? because some people very near to you haven't. Not a bite. Lots of them haven't even had decent drinking water.

Get off your lazy screen-reading behinds and DO something!

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