Thursday, September 01, 2005

Putting it in perspective

If you would like an up-close and personal view of what life is like in the hurricane-affected areas, you don't have to search far. There are many operational websites in these areas. Reading what they have to say will truly put all of this horror into perspective.'s blog, NOLA View, is listing stories of those desperately hoping to be rescued.

Don Hammock of Eyes On Katrina
in south Mississippi is offering the latest developing news from the area.

WWLTV channel 4 out of Louisiana has set up a to-the-minute update blog with news and information.

Also, another blog relief day has been proposed for tomorrow, September 2nd. Please see Andy Carvin's post on his Katrina Aftermath blog.

I'm still trying to round up volunteers or anyone searching for loved ones to my KatrinaAid group. The more people and resources we can bring together, the more help we can give. If you can offer even as little as a word of support or some clothes you no longer need; maybe you have a lot of canned goods and your cupboard could use a little thinning out; or maybe you're looking for loved ones and simply need a list of resources. Currently I have put together a list of over 30 links to available resources, and that number is growing. Let's stop making excuses and start making a difference. People need you.

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