Friday, September 09, 2005

The state of the government addressed

I find it interesting that FEMA's Michael Brown has been relieved of his duties with relation to the hurricane situation. He was rather stupid in his claims that he had no idea there were people in the New Orleans Convention Center until this past Friday - five full days after the disaster. However, the term "scapegoat" comes to mind, as well... Anyone who thinks the late response is due to one person's negligence alone is completely and sorely ignorant of the realities involved here.

Interesting, too, is that the government - both on a local and national level - has such a problem with the media reporting the realities of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I can understand the need for sensitivity to those who might not yet know that they've lost relatives in this mess, but does that excuse reports that a police officer "raised the muzzle of her weapon and aimed it at members of the media . . . Obvious members of the media . . . Armed only with notepads."?

It seems that the all-around tension of the situation is causing everyone to take things entirely too far. So far, in fact, that CNN has filed a lawsuit asking for a restraining order against local government officials, in order that the news organization be allowed to continue to photograph the depth of the devastation, including the sheer number of bodies. I learned this within the last twenty minutes while watching CNN, but have yet to find a link to the story on their website, or any other. I will post the link as soon as I find it. UPDATE: A related article may be found here.

Why something like this could happen in our United States is a question being asked often. It's simply incomprehensible. Then, too, we find stories about the Red Cross being kept from performing their own immediate relief efforts

One can only assume our government's humiliation at their own delayed reactions to the disaster itself, and is embarrassed at their lacking response.

Whether the question is one of race or not, being "treated like animals" is something the poor are unfortunately used to from any level of government - and more often than not, from society as a whole.


Tony said...

The first thing I thought when i saw that Michael Brown had been relieved of duties, was "Scapegoat". It's a diversionary tactic.

Londinium said...

what Tony said........

Irish John said...

First of all, FEMA is a federal agency, the director has to oversee ALL of their activities, not just in one area.

Also, don't believe all the media reports... they want a story, and misery and death sells.

The media were reporting that people weren't being allowed to leave the Superdome and Convention Center. That moron Geraldo was crying on live TV. There was a reason they weren't being allowed to leave. Whe airlifts started the next morning, wouldn't it be better to have them inn one place rather than trying to find them straggled along the highway, with no food or water?

The media don't realize the logistics of it all. It takes time to get 20,000 National Guard troops armed and ready with supplies and to DRIVE there. This doesn't happen overnight. The state dropped the ball on being prepared. FEMA is not a first responder, and they were also denied access to areas to help along with the Red Cross on MONDAY on the orders of the Governer.

Mississippi and Alabama hadn't any problems getting aid in... Why? Simple, the state planned ahead.

Brian Williams said
"I don't like being told when I can and cannot walk on the streets and take pictures."

Well Mr. Williams, what part of "martial law" do you not understand? If you are in the way and they have enough of a problem securing the area without having to protect your ass too. Just because you are a journalist doesn't mean you don't have to do as your told.

I have a major problem with the way things are being reported. They are looking for the story, when help is needed. Instead of sticking a mic or camera in the faces of the people, how about trying to help them?

Irish John said...

As Governer Bush said (and he is from a state that knows hurricanes)
"If we weren't prepared, and we didn't do our part, no amount of work by FEMA could overcome the lack of preparation,"

Why isn't this being reported? No, it's easier to point fingers at the Federal Government instead of actually looking at the people who are supposed to be prepared. That is why I am skeptical of anything the mainstream media says or does.