Monday, April 23, 2007

Fire, yadda, yadda... Still burning, yadda, yadda...

This is just getting old, people. The kids were on spring break and had just gotten back to school when this fire broke out and had to be out another week (the week of their standardized testing) because of heavy smoke and low visibility. The collective staff of the local school system made calls to each of the students' families to let them know what was going to happen as far as the schools were concerned (have I mentioned how incredibly tiny this town is?).

The consensus on Saturday was, barring any major changes in the fire, school would resume as normal on Monday. No such luck. Due to continued visibility issues, the local children are still free to roam around without being hassled by parents yelling, "Hey! Did you do your homework first?!" The kids are happy, the moms are considering high dosages of anti-anxiety medications and/or running away from home.

Meanwhile, here are some photos I took yesterday of the area and some of the damage:

(Oh, NOW they show up!)
Sorta like Mars, isn't it?

Look how close these houses were!

The damage stops just across the street.

Talk about too close for comfort!

Some of these areas are still smoldering.


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