Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Update on the fire

Schools are still closed.

Local information sources are reporting a south/southwest wind, which will be bringing more smoke into this area for the next few days, causing lessened visibility. The acreage burned is now at approximately 56,000. The fire is still considered a threat to both Waycross and Manor communities, but is now about 45% contained, utilizing 350 to 400 personnel from this and surrounding areas. More information can be found here.

Roads are a mess. Some are closed for up to 15 mile stretches. Others are closed for lack of visibility, then reopened, etc, sometimes several times in a day. Most people are asked to avoid driving and remain indoors for the next few days, due to the increased smoke, bad air quality and low visibility.

As always, more information can be obtained through the local newspaper and the Jacksonville 4 News Station.


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