Saturday, April 14, 2007

A well-written tribute to a very dear man

Thanks to Mary for allowing me to use this. Well done.

one last thing-kv

his books changed my life. he was my greatest teacher.
i look at the world and life differently because of his books.
if you like my emails... and some of you have told me you do,
you can thank mr. vonnegut. i stole his short sentence and
short paragraph style from him.

if you want to become kinder and gentler...or view the world differently,
and if you never read him, i highly recommend you do.
in his autobiography of sorts "palm sunday"...he gives a list of must
read books.
i read that book while living in london and started powerhousing through
that list. a couple of years later, i was back in college...after a ten year leave.
he inspired me to finish my college education.

i still use an asterick in front of names or after names of memos or notes i
write to folks i don't like. got that from his book "breakfast of champions"
he draws an asshole in that book...and it's an asterick.:)

so i miss him so. i left work early on thursday. could not stop the
water works. compulsively read everything i could find on him on line
when i got home. and the best obit i read was the first i read in the latimes.
i sent you all that link. we just lost such a powerful and
wonderful voice for our time. no one can replace him.

so if you have not read him and are interested, here are some of my favorites:
slapstick (first vonnegut book i read)
breakfast of champions
god bless you mr. rosewater
palm sunday
slaughterhouse five
welcome to the monkey house

i really wanted to meet him one day. i did send a birthday email this past
year to in these times. told him in that email that i used his asterick.
i thanked him for everything.

>hi kids,
>words cannot express my sorrow. if i was subbing still, i would take the day
off. as vonnegut wrote or said... artists are like the canary in the coal mine.
the canary keels over if there is a gas leak warning the miners to get out. sort
of an alarm system for the miners. we just lost a great alarm system, humanist,
humorist, and very good man.
>like he said in his novel, god bless you mr. rosewater,....."goddamnit!
you've got to be kind." lets remember that and him always. rip mr. vonnegut.
i am attaching a link to the latimes obit. it is a good one. if the link doesn't
work, it is on the front page.
>"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people
always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
>Mark Twain


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