Tuesday, November 04, 2008

La vie est un lieu fou, mon cher. Que notre sanctuaire être les uns les autres

Our lives are so short and so limited to our own perceptions of what we're capable of. What's the difference between the couch potato who dreams of something more, and the man who climbs the Himalayas and lives his dreams? It's only faith. There is no wall, no separating boundary between what can be done and what we believe is impossible. Those dreams of something more can be realized with just an ounce of pure, honest faith. Believe it will be, believe there's a way. There is no such thing as "too late" until you're lying in bed, taking your last breath. Please don't wait that long. Make it come to be.

There are very few times when life throws you something pure and good and true. When it comes your way hold onto it with everything you have. Give it everything inside you and make sure there can never be regrets, because eventually it will end, however temporarily. Everything ends. Even true love dies, when the promise of "till death do us part" becomes a reality. See it, realize it, hold it in your hands and allow yourself to feel everything it brings to you. Release your heart from fear and negativity. Just be in it. Let it envelope you and heal whatever it is inside you that fights it.

A friend recently lost her mother. However devastating that may have been, though, there was something even worse about it: Her step-father lost the love of his life. Their beginnings were so important to them that they would return to the location of their first date on its anniversary every year... until she died on that very day.

When you see that chance, that one thing that has the potential to erase every other pain you've ever felt, it's as crystal clear as the stars over the sea, even if it seems completely insane to the rest of the world. Don't listen to them. Hold on tight and never let it go, even when all seems lost. And if you can't hold it in your hands, just keep it safely locked in your heart until the day your dream becomes reality.

True love can never be forgotten.

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