Friday, May 01, 2015

Being human.

Faith is faith. 

We're expected to question, it's part of being human. It's impossible to have all the answers. 

Blessed is he who believes and yet has not seen. 

We don't know if maybe it was all science, all God, or maybe it was God using science. 

So we just choose. 

Bad things happen, and we look for someone to blame. And we want to blame God, because why can't he just fix it


It's the universe set in motion. 

A billion things happening at once. 

Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, sweet, horrific. 

All together, non-stop, never ending. And all intricately intertwined. 

Every action, reaction, and event are somehow related. 

Like dominoes. 

The first domino doesn't ever touch the last, but when the first falls, the second falls because of it. 

Circumstances are the dominoes, and each one is different. And once it's set in motion, the blurred, whirring maze keeps tipping and bumping on, until the last one falls. And each one throws itself into the next. 

From the inside, it's chaos. Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes maddening. 

And from where God sits, it's all beautiful.​

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