Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The fine art of blushing

Have you ever misconstrued a situation so completely that your reaction outweighed the negative circumstance? Well that's me to a T. I happen to be a professional.

SexyGeek has actually been working his rear-end off, and I got mad when he overslept and missed our date. Not that it's a great feeling to be stood up. But I can sympathize. And would you listen to me?? It's disgusting what a crush can do to a person. Downright nauseating.

Which brings me to another point: Isn't it strange how two grown, mentally stable people act when they decide they enjoy each other's company? Why do people turn to blubbering mush around each other when the hormones start racing? One minute, you're flirting your butt off with the hottie next to you, and the next, you're blushing and giggling uncontrollably when he so much as glances in your direction. Ok, maybe not quite that bad. But close.

It's also interesting how hard it is to bring yourself to admit you'd like something to develop from the flirt stage. I've been on the hiatus from men so long that it no longer mattered whether one was around or not. And then SexyGeek walks in. BAM! I'm a drooling idiot. Ok, so he's amazing: smart, funny, very good-looking, sweet, loves to do nice things for people, looks like the vampire in Bram Stoker's '92 version of Dracula, has a JOB, and plays guitar. All that and a geek, too. Ok, where were we, again...?

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