Thursday, April 14, 2005

Girl-Geek Wannabe alt=am

C:>COFFEE.COM error. Contact programmer J. Valdez.

C:\COFFEE.POT missing (A)bort (R)etry (F)all asleep?

Caffeine...a BBSer's best friend!

Caffeine Allocation Error:
COFFEE.SYS missing, Programmer halted.

COFFEE.CUP empty - Operator shelled out to COFFEE.POT

COFFEE.CUP not found: (W)ash, (R)e-use, (D)rink from pot?

COFFEE.EXE Missing - Insert Cup and Press Any Key

COFFEE.EXE Not Found: (A)bort (R)etry (P)anic?

COFFEE.POT corrupted: Found failure in module FILTER.

COFFEE.SYS Not Found: User startup disabled.

COFFEE.SYS: NMI ACTIVATED ... coffee pot empty ...
Operator asleep

GOSUB:coffee; work;RETURN:

hiGhEr bRAiN malFUnCtiON ... inSERt COFfEe.

if( == EMPTY ) { programmer->;brain = OFF };

Instant Programmer: Just add caffeine

Kernal PANIC: Unable to mount /dev/coffee.machine
-- Operator Halted.

New Opcode #23: CPTCB - Call Programmer and Take Coffee Break

Parity Error, System Halted,
Pots out of Coffee, Refill to restart

Reached coffee d/l limit must u/l now

RISING.SUN detected : (A)nother coffee, (C)old shower, (S)leep?

share.exe not loaded. coffee.sys not shared. Mine!!!!

Unable to locate $C0FFEE -- illegal address error

Unable to locate COFFEE.CUP - Search in progress, please wait...

We are out of Colombian coffee. Set coordinates: Sector 0-0-1.

while(!Coffee) _Panic()


Irish John said...

EXCELLENT... must go get some right now (thanks for the reminder.

letti said...

hehe..that was pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

coffee is a drug and you are addicted. hehehe.

andrena said...


andrena said...

hey ya doin? what's going on with you???

Anonymous said...

Hey, who spilled coffee on my Tagline?

The Coffee Cantata