Sunday, May 29, 2005

Missing Blogger Found Hiding In Lilliputian Community

(Fox Valley, WI) The investigation into the mysterious disappearance of local bloggist Shanna (Chanemza) F. ended when authorities found her hiding under a bed surrounded by eight short people chanting "Mommy, where's my dinner?"

The initial reports indicate that apparently Ms. Chanemza has recently become engaged to the owner of a popular advertising agency in the area. It seems that the upcoming nuptuals of these two individuals has brought with it the inclusion of eight (8) small offspring. A witness to the scene appeared shaken and said, "Are all those YOURS?!?"

Ms. Chanemza and her new fiance, Jeff W., seem happy with the merger, although slightly exhausted. Witnesses also report seeing Ms. Chanemza removing large quantities of junk food from the home of her new fiance, a former police officer with a questionable diet.

Not-so-anonymous sources have stated that the two will be charged with uniting in holy matrimony, with an official hearing tenatively set for December 2nd, 2005. Further information will be posted as it comes in, and we will try to provide up-to-the-minute exclusive coverage as it happens.

Information on the businesses benefitting from this union can be seen here.


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Hey Girl!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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