Sunday, July 10, 2005

Let them eat cake!

You've probably noticed my new tagline toy up there at the top of the page. It's quite funny, though the phrases the thing spits out are utter nonsense. It'll be there until I can properly do the code for one and add my own taglines into it. Meanwhile, I'm having fun coming up with my own...

Stop by to visit the creators and make your own at

By the way, go visit Kim. It's her birthday! It's ok, she's really nice. You'll like her, and she's got terrific kids! Be careful, though: She asks a lot of questions and has been known to be a little picky sometimes, especially if you're male.... or maybe just one male?

And Kim: I figured out the code to make my own lil' death-by-pop-up thingy, too... Muahahaha! (....want I should make you one?) Happy, happy!

1 comment:

Kim said...

O. M. G......

!!!!! That was flipping hilarious! I especially liked "she's really nice" being linked to "Justifiable Homocide You Fucker"... You made me laugh out loud. Thank you Shanna, and sorry I'm so lame as to only have seen this today... I suck. Thanks again honey!