Monday, July 11, 2005

Possibly the best post EVER

Note: This is a repeat of a post I made to the group "Sisterhood of the Yay-Yay Sister-Friends"

Yesterday I decided to visit Kim, and lo and behold, it's her birthday! I thought I'd be silly and creative and created this whole post just for her. It ended up with the intended effect: Kim loved it.

I was going to go to Kim's blog and leave a really cute "You're welcome" message... Until I read her most recent post. Kim, you will never know how special that post was to me. You simply have no idea.

There were three paragraphs in particular which moved me:

Then, halfway through the program, Sarah hit rock bottom. She was depressed. She had lost a rank that she had achieved. She had angered other girls in her group and she was falling backwards. Cheryl was happy.

Cheryl was happy because she knew Sarah needed to fall. She knew Sarah needed to feel. She knew that everything to this point had been just so much a sham as everything else she had done at home. Cheryl had finally reached Sarah and Sarah had finally seen herself.


Don't be afraid to seek help when faced by problems that are extreme beyond the scope of average. Don't concern yourself with what other people might think, it is not their life, it is yours and your loved ones. Though we feared our decision, we made it. Whether it was luck or meant to be I don't know, but I'm glad we found the strength to do it. For the first time in many years, I was aware that I had finally serviced rather than failed my daughter. I was free.

I was nearly moved to tears, and here's why: This segment could have described my last five years almost verbatim. If any of you have read the story outlined in the links on the upper right column of my blog, you'll have a bit of an idea what I mean.

There is an absolute truth beyond a shadow of a doubt in the phrase Kim used: "They say that when you are living within the confines of problems that you cannot see the solutions to them because you are too close." If you haven't been there, I am both relieved for and envious of you. Relieved that you haven't had to endure this painful kind of awakening; envious that I couldn't be one of those people who've never had to endure it.

I'm glad you had a great birthday, Kim. And thank you for the gift you had no idea you gave me.

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Kim said...

Shanna, your words make me cry. Thank you.