Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk is online!


Check here for configuration.

Basically, if you have a Gmail account and a Jabber or compatible messaging client, you can check it out. I'm online, so stop and say hello!

The Google Talk program has it's own interface, which can be downloaded here. It automatically picks up your most commonly emailed contact in Gmail and asks you who you'd like to invite. Users not set up with a Gmail address are sent an invitation.

Some current features:

  • It's free

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

  • No pop-ups, ads or other unneccessary "fillers" like Y! and others

  • "Regular" instant messaging

  • VoIP (speak realtime using speakers and a mic)

  • Address book from Gmail auto-loads your friends - you choose your contacts from a pre-loaded list or add your own.

  • Can be accessed through other multi-client messengers, like Trillian.

  • Chat-logging

  • The interface couldn't be simpler, so it's easy to set up and get started. Lots more features are being worked on. This is only the early stages, and they do plan to open up the ability to use Google Talk without having a Gmail account. EarthLink and Sipphone are only two of the additional providers they're currently working with to expand to this service.

    If you do try it out, look me up! My Gmail address is provided in the upper right.


    Ben said...

    Isn't it just like Skype, 'cept that you can't call real phones with it like you can on Skype?

    chanemza said...

    Skype, Hype....

    Why can't you just use a real phone to make calls? Why use Yahoo or any other program at all? Why are some people subscribed to and heavily using most of these programs? Why are some people using most of them at once via the multi-client messengers?

    It's fun, that's why. Not to mention brand-spakin' new and still evolving.

    It's about trying out something new.