Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Um... You were saying?

Seen on the blog of two law school students with differing political leanings:

Whoa is me!

Ok... Dude, you're in LAW SCHOOL. "Whoa is me!" is something a horse would think to himself. On the other hand, "Woe is me" is the correct word for a pity party.

Seen on another politics-based blog:

How can [Mayor So-and-so] expect the citizens to obey the law when he so brazenly flaunts it himself?

There is a huge difference in what you're trying to say and what is being said in this sentence. Flaunt is something a conceited flake is doing when showing off her garish engagement ring. The word you were looking for here is disregards. As in: Blatant disregard that anyone gives a shit about her money-whorishness.

Seen on a really good blog, but I had to make mention:

I just had to take an opportunity for a photo opt.

Opt out, for example, is when you ask to be added to the "Do Not Call list" to avoid the crap bugged out of you by telemarketers.
Op is more relative to the thinking of the paparazzi bugging the crap out of celebrity types.

None of this is at all meant in a derogatory manner, mind you. It's just something I automatically notice. Some more "for instances":

Kid's: It belonged to the kid.
Kids: The plural of kid.

Our's: Not a word. Trust me on this.
Ours: It belongs to us. As in: All your base are belong to us. Not proper grammar, but still funny. To some of us, anyway...

Which brings me to:
Anyways: Not a word. Again: Trust me on this.
Anyway: Though men are idiots, I love my fiance anyway.

Thank you for participating in today's lesson. I'll expect a four page report on the subject first thing in the morning.


Latin Lover said...

My bad. Thanks for the correction.

The 4 page report has to be double spaced right? Otherwise I really think I am going to need an extension on that.

chanemza said...

LOL! um... yeah, sure...

Your blog was awesome, though! Thanks for having a sense of humor :)

jay said...

yay! am glad you won some mystery credits while popping by :)

... and after reading this post, i feel so ashamed; am guilty of many of those crimes against Literacy (and a few others, no doubt).

hope Life and linguistics are being kind to you herub ;)

oh, and am happy to submit that four page report... just happen to know of a wonderful site that will generate it for me hehehehe

Brad Alexander said...

Bad grammer has always gotten on my nerves. (is gotten a word?)

My biggest gripe, and i'm sure you will agree, is how popular usage has destroyed the true meaning of irony.

Ruby said...

OMG, You noticed that too! I thought it was just me. TEEHEE! ;)