Thursday, September 07, 2006

Early Autumn Airing-Out

I see you've noticed the new title. Yes, it's really a word. In Celtic lore, it's a type of Fae: Fair-skinned, long blonde hair, loves and lives near water and typically keeps to herself. Sounded very much like yours truly, plus I'm a big fan of the mermaid. Besides, it's my blog, so get over it.

I'll be changing quite a bit about my little not-so-private cocoon on the great big web. It's time for a change. Eons ago, long before I started this blog, little quips and quotes I'd made up had been dubbed "Shanna-isms". My decision to label this blog by the same name was done completely oblivious of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of blogs/journals/online diaries suffixed with the "-isms" label. I'd begun to regret it long ago, but simply hadn't gotten around to coming up with anything else.

A lot more changes have happened in this past year (hence the almost complete lack of updates for awhile). I've moved back to my home state of Indiana, gained employment at what I consider to be the best job I could possibly have gotten, among many other important personal changes. And along with great change comes renewal.

The only regret i have is dropping from "Flappy Bird" to "Wiggly Worm" in the Eco-System. Darnit. Now go link me so's I can up my rankings, k?

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