Thursday, April 26, 2007

Georgia Fire Continues In A Big Way

Though the fire seemed to be getting under control a few days ago, it jumped a highway, spreading to more areas and posing a danger to several communities south of Waycross. An additional 74 people were evacuated. A local swamp park's huge flames were the cause of the mushroom cloud seen a couple of days ago. Flames from that fire were seen as far as 40 miles away. The highway was closed overnight, but reopened in the early morning hours.

This is the view approaching the burned area:

The view quickly went from heavily-clouded sky to dense, dark smoke very quickly:

When you see these, you know it's getting serious:

Standing guard at homes located near the flames:

The smoky views are incredible:

On my work commute. You can see the blue sky ahead and the darkness in the rear view:


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