Thursday, April 26, 2007

Important Fire Updates

New information from local officials:

Weather predictions for tomorrow are for 12-15 mile per hour winds with 25 mile per hour gusts, along with lowered humidity. You can guess what this means as far as fire management, especially given that it is plowing through heavily wooded areas peppered with a homes scattered here and there.

Highway 84 in Homerville is closed for an eight-mile stretch, as well as 177 in Ware county for 5 miles. More evacuations are currently taking place, as well.

New Road Closures and Evacuations

Archie Sweat Road

Braganza Road

Check Station Road

Josephine Park Road

Laura Walker State Park

Lions Club Camp for the Blind

East of Lloyd Strickland Road to Hinson Road

Marvin Strickland

Owen Lee Road

Pine Ridge Road

Sams Road

State Forest Road

Strickland Road

Trail Road

A map of the fire's path:

Our house would be near the center of town. In other words, damned close.

Reports also indicate that the potential for the fire to grow is very high. So far over 61,000 acres (that's 246.86 km squared) have burned, as of 5pm (GMT -5) Wednesday (April 26) and we're not going to be seeing any rain anytime soon.

From Ware County's fire update page:
Public Inquiries & Donations (912) 287-4467
Media (912) 287-2451 (912) 287-2452


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