Saturday, November 10, 2007

So far this morning....

My 6-year-old has somehow gotten orange juice up his nose. It's apparently quite painful.

My 4-year old has used her Barbie cellphone to call the "pretend police" to notify them of my decision to make Cream o' Wheat for breakfast. She stated, "It's not wego (legal) to feed kids that stuff!" No, I don't have any idea where she gets it from.

After feeding said Cream o' Wheat to my 4-year-old, she states: "See, Zach? I told you it was good!"

My 6-year-old testified that it was his favorite. After finishing half his bowl, however, "MOM! This stuff tastes even worse than it smells!"

Right now the discussion is centered around which will occur in a hundred years: Death or grandparenthood. I'm thinking I need to limit their TV a tad more...

Oh... and I got my first grey hair. Lucky for me, my hair's too blonde to really see it. I'm gettin' OLD.

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