Monday, November 03, 2008

Adding to the chaos, just for the fun of it

As if things weren't crazy enough around this joint, with the kids' schoolwork and Tae Kwon Do lessons, church, my cleaning job, looking for a second job, deaths, health issues (of all sorts from lots of parties in my life) and all the typical chores of single-motherhood, I've decided to return to school. Oh yes, boys and girls. I am, in fact, completely insane. Or at least well on the way to it.

I've signed up for information on some IT training at a local college here with an excellent reputation and high-ranking. The 4-year degree training, after the boot-camp-esque pre-college program, is done on-line. This is a huge plus with my three-ring circus of a schedule.

For now, it's looking toward either small office (if I'm lucky - This area is pretty slim on jobs at the moment) or waitressing. The latter is more of a possibility, and after a quick pop-in hello to all of you, I'm off to apply at a few places in town.

This little drought in my own little job-o-sphere has been horrendous on my mood lately. I've been used to working in excess of 65 hours a week (and more) for quite a while. Not long ago I was working two jobs and had a third that was just a bit slow at that time (the cleaning one). One being seasonal and the other having done their own round of the lay-offs plaguing this area, and I'm going stir-crazy with little to do but drive my loved ones completely batty. (Sorry again for all that, Love... wanna share a straight jacket?)

As for the college business, I was once told I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, so I'm pretty sure I'll either fare quite well or kill a few of the main servers. We'll find out soon enough!

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