Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching Up

Yesterday was a pretty good day all around. Lots going on, and lots of stress, but Pollyanna prevails!

It's recently come to light that a certain Irishman I've had a crush on for a very long time had actually been interested in me for just as long, and I do enjoy the mushiness on the phone - just wish the proxinity issues were a little easier to deal with! I'm in it deep with this one, boys and girls...

Then I was able to speak with my Dad (which is difficult because of his lack of a phone of his own), who began the conversation with "Hello, my darling daughter!" We had a great conversation and I'm hoping to visit with him (in New Mexico) in the very near future.

The kids are now in Tae Kwon Do and have lessons four times a week. It's amazing how fast even Gracie is picking up Korean. They're having a ball with it, though as soon as I can afford it, Gracie would like ballet (uh, Mommy's not made of money, lovey!).

I also heard from both of my little brothers today(on Dad's side, we're not associating with the Mom side now, remember?). I love them to death, but we get so little time to talk, with one in Alaska and the other in far Southern Indiana. I'm so proud of both of them. I just wish I was in contact with my sister (Northern California)... Bygones, ok sis? Oh well, I love you anyway.

Other than that, I was working three jobs during the summer (one was seasonal) and am now back down to one - but looking for another second job. Money's definitely tight, but life is pretty much ok. Just workin' out the kinks, so to speak.

The amount of back support owed to me is now up to over 20 thousand dollars. Criminal charges have finally been filed, so wish me luck on seeing any of that - we could certainly use it!

Anyway, I'll post more as time allows. Most of you who need to should already know where to find me 'til then!

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