Thursday, February 25, 2010

Geek Patrol Wanted

I have a Pentium 4 processor in my modded Dell Dimension 5100. There are 2 512 memory cards in it. I've done a lot in my computer's internals, but this is out of my league:

A while back, my power supply blew. It wasn't the best, and pretty low wattage. I just went and picked up a 400 watt and popped it in, but it's booting really weird. First couple of boots I get an error message RV370 P/N 113-A62801-BIOS. Once (and only once) it went into the set-up. The hard drive and memory are being recognized, but it said "No boot device available" prior to giving me the option of set-up. The major problem now is, I can't get back into set-up because we are back at receiving that error message. I can't figure out why it would have allowed me to get into set-up once, unless there's a loose connection I'm not finding.

I had seen a post on another board that it ended up being the processor in that instance - in which the user had precisely the issue AND the same error message I am having. Another post on a similar issue, but involving the video card is here.


A few points: I do want to fix it myself, if at all possible, due to limited finances available. I also cannot afford to go out and get a new computer, especially when I can replace the processor for under 100 bucks. I do NOT want to downgrade the processor, but if it's possible to upgrade, I would - if it's inexpensive and decent quality! I also know WHERE to get parts, just need to understand the problem at hand.

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