Sunday, August 15, 2004


Another late-night escapade on the computer... Only this time it's not my geek-crush that's keeping me up, as it has been all week (which I don't mind at all and quite honestly look forward to). Tonight it's this blog. Perfecting, reviewing, rejecting, redoing.

I've spent hours going over the code, learning from websites and various tutorials. It certainly looks better than when I started. Now, however, I'm becoming sucked in by the variety of "toys" for my little home on the web. And there are many. I'm sure they'll change with the seasons, if not by the week.

Now what's not so good about this little scenario is that I'll not be sleeping in come morning. I'm sure that Baby-dactyl will be up with the sun, wanting to play. Which puts me one more night in debt of decent rest. I am, quite honestly folks, a complete idiot.

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